Al Jazim is a specialized medical construction company.

Founded in 1988, Al Jazim is honored to partner with world leading companies as General Electric, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba and Kodak known for being the best manufacturers of various medical systems in the world.

Al Jazim undertakes and executes construction/contracting both for government and private sectors. This organization mainly involved in turnkey projects including civil construction, mechanical, electrical, medical equipment pre-installation works, air conditioning, interior decoration, paving and surface excavation, landscaping works.

 Al Jazim through years of hard work gained big experience & trust of all mentioned companies and become one of the best companies in Saudi Arabia medical market for X-Ray, CT Scanner, Gamma, MRI, Cathlab, Radiotherapy, Lab Equipments pre-installation construction.


   In Al Jazim a qualified and professional team has always left behind in all projects done in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon & Bahrain a soft touch full of experience and nice looking finishing which translates the well done art of work of Al Jazim Est.


    In Addition Al Jazim Est. is a distributor for Lead Glass and Lead Rolls.



Office Address

Farazdak Street,
Al Malaz
P.O.Box 4939
Riyadh, 11412

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