Medical And Healthcare Facility Engineering,

Construction And Renovation

Our team of seasoned professionals offers extensive experience in healthcare construction. We understand the technical complexities and unique demands of the industry – from sound transfer to dust control to equipment mounting. We know it needs to be done quickly, and often at an active occupied facility.

From large to small projects, Al Jazim undertakes and executes construction/contracting both for government and private sectors with proven track record of successful deliveries all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Lebanon. Our organization is mainly involved in turnkey projects including civil construction, mechanical, electrical, medical equipment pre-installation works, air conditioning, interior decoration, paving and surface excavation, landscaping works.

At Al Jazim we renovated existing space to accommodate state-of-the-art MRIs and installed standard tenant finishes, mechanical upgrades, MRI shields, a medical-gas system, electrical infrastructure, and new MRI chillers. Once again, we got it done while the facilities were fully occupied.

At the same time, we’ve successfully transformed mid- to small-sized testing facilities and doctor’s offices.

From the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh to King Fahed Medical City our list of satisfied healthcare providers continues to grow.

Put your next medical construction project in our reliable, experienced hands, and let us put your mind at ease.

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